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Dr. Gerard M. Samuel

Gerard is an Associate Professor: University of Cape Town, Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies and Head of CTDPS Dance Section. He is the Convener: Post Graduate studies in Dance, Editor: South African Dance Journal, and Chair of Confluences a biennial, international dance conference hosted by UCT.

During the Apartheid era he performed with the NAPAC Ballet Company and The Playhouse Dance Company in Durban. He held senior management posts for The Playhouse Company, until 2006. His notable choreographies include Prabhati and The Man I Love. He received the Durban Theatre Awards in 2006 for The Sound of Music.  

Gerard has produced Place of Grace, a dance film in 2011. He is an advocate of disability arts in South Africa and in Copenhagen.His obtained his PhD for a thesis entitled - Dancing the Other in South Africa from UCT, in 2016 in which it was announced that “ Gerard Samuel’s thesis makes a highly significant intervention in Dance and Performance Studies in terms of its original argument about how the category of ‘age’ is used [as] part of ‘othering’ process… coining the term ‘body-space’ as a theoretical tool to observe bodies and dancing as states of becoming”.

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Andrew Gilder:


Andrew Gilder trained at UCT School of Dance in the early 1990s and danced professionally for The Playhouse Dance Company, in his hometown of Durban.

Under the Artistic Directorship of Mark Hawkins the Company represented a unique artistic and choreographic flowering for most of the 1990s driven by a broad philosophy of dance and performance and diminishing budgets. This meant that Andrew was able to carve a career as both performer and choreographer dancing lead and sub-lead roles in a wide variety of new and repertoire works, while also creating pieces for the ensemble.


Andrew is SAIBC Chair and is a leading South Africa climate change lawyer.

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Lucky Dinake


Lucky has had a great passion for the arts, particularly performing arts, and the promotion of artistic endeavour from an early age.


This passion saw him become a member of the Section 79 Portfolio Committee for Sports Heritage Arts and Culture; and the Standing Committee for Gender Children Youth and Persons with Disabilities, in the Legislature of the City of Ekurhuleni, where he has exercised executive oversight and has consistently worked toward the promotion of the arts and ensuring accessibility of diverse art forms to all people.


He is a strong believer in the nation-building and healing power of artistic expression. 


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