SCHOLARS: Contemporary


Gold          Brady Farrar, 15   (USA)

Silver        Alberto Gil Vicente, 14  (Spain)

Bronze     Zihan Kong, 15 (China) 


Gold         Margarida Gonçalves, 15  (Portugal)

Silver       Madison Brown, 15 (USA) and Mengxuan Yan, 13 (China)

Bronze    Minseo Chung, 14 (South Korea), Alexia Munn, 13 (South Africa) and Juliana Wilder, 13 (USA)


SCHOLARS: Classical


Gold         Brady Farrar, 15   (USA)

Silver       KangWon Lee, 15 (South Korea)

Bronze     Alberto Gil Vicente, 14 (Spain)


Gold        MinSeo Chung, 14  (South Korea)

Silver      Yoon Seon Jun, 13 (South Korea) and Yujeong Kang, 16 (South Korea)

Bronze   Mengxuan Yan, 13 (China) and Yaeri Kim, 15 (South Korea)

JUNIORS: Contemporary 


Gold    Francisco Gomes, 17 (Portugal)

Silver   Yasiel Bello Hodelin, 18 (Cuba)

Bronze  Sun Pengxiang, 18 (China)


Gold       Xinyue Zhao, 20 (China)

Silver      Alice McArthur, 16  (New Zealand)

Bronze   Ane Bierman, 18 (South Africa) and Margarida Abreu, 17 (Portugal)

JUNIORS: Classical 


Gold          Francisco Gomes, 17  (Portugal)

Silver         Yasiel Hodelin Bello, 18 (Cuba)

Bronze      Sun Pengxiang 18 (China)


Gold      Xinyue Zhao, 20 (China)

Silver    Alice McArthur ,16 (New Zealand) and Paige McElligott, 17 (South Africa)

Bronze  Brianna Guagliardo, 16 (USA) and Eugin Ahn, 16 (South Korea)

SENIORS: Contemporary


Gold         Chongzheng Guan, 21  (China)

Silver       Yeodong Sun, 23 (China)

Bronze      Ze Wu, 23 (China)


Gold       Jiayuan Ou, 23  (China)

Silver     Yongyu Chen, 21 (China)

SENIORS: Classical


Gold         Chongzheng Guan, 21  (China)

Silver       Yeodong Sun, 23 (China)

Bronze      Ze Wu, 23 (China)


Gold       Jiayuan Ou,23  (China)

Silver     Yongyu Chen, 21 (China)

The special awards are as follows: 

Ted Brandsen, Jury Chair and the Artistic Director of the Dutch National Ballet offered several dancers, both medallists and dancers who didn’t place on the podium,  various opportunities at the Dutch National Ballet School, ranging from scholarships, summer schools and  student residencies with connections to Dutch National main and junior companies, all to be realised once COVID19 is no longer a threat. They are Paige McElligott, 17 (South Africa), Eugin Ahn, 16 (South Korea), Francisco Gomes, 17 (Portugal), Dane Head, 17 (New Zealand), Navin Jacobs, 17 (South Africa), Alice McArthur,  16  (New Zealand), Sun Pengxiang, 18 (China) and Yasiel Hodelin Bello, 18 (Cuba).

Juliana Wilder, 13 (USA) was granted a week at the Zürich Dance Academy by Juror Roberta Martins, and Gia Lipschitz, 11 (South Africa) and Francisco Gomes (Portugal) were awarded the opportunity to participate in the international ballet competition in Cuba next year, without having to do the first round. 

The Ballet Beyond Borders (BBB) Grand Prize was awarded to Anthony Mmesome Madu, 11, from Nigeria. Madu won a full Scholarship to attend BBB in Los Angeles or Montana in 2021, accompanied by his teacher Daniel Owoseni Ajala, with all expenses paid. Additionally, twenty-five contestants have been invited by BBB’s Charlene Campbell Carey to attend the Ballet Beyond Borders (BBB) in Los Angeles or Missoula, Montana next year. They are  Soyul Kim, Miguel Kenneth Franco-Green, Yaeri Kim, KangWon Lee, SoJeong Park, Jihye Shin, Seunghwan Hyun, Gia Lipschitz, Madison Brown, Irisa Van Niekerk, Bo Gyeong Kim, Emma Wood, Maria Balinha, Lucas Henry, Mengxuan Yan, Jadeline Gardner – Sandiford, Brady Farrar, Claire Ancell, Wing Yan (Ibby ) Chow, Na-eun Kim, Natalie Henry, Minseo Chung, Sarah Van Breemen, Alberto Gil Vicente, Paige McElligott, Laura Viola, Sun Pengxiang, Francisco Gomes, Yasiel Hodelin Bello, Navin Jacobs, Natalia Bovio Pineda, Tianbao Guo, Alice McArthur, Chloe Windell, Zihan Kong and Larissa Pinto.

Johannesburg, South Africa

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