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Dirk Badenhorst’s Mzansi Ballet, with the support of the Mary Oppenheimer & Daughters Foundation, in anticipation of the 2020 SAIBC has brought together some of South Africas leading dancers in classical ballet, contemporary and pantsula.

Bengingazi, meaning “I did not know”, presents as an innovative, stylish and unique “Fairy Tale” between a man from Soweto, skilled in the art of pantsula dancing, who meets a classical ballerina. They have an affair and unbeknown to the man, they produce a son who is brought up in the world of classical ballet. When the Mother however, is one day introduced to the art of pantsula, she decides to introduce the son to the father, creating an amazing fusion of the two different worlds of dance. This story line adds a crossover appeal in entertainment to a young, sexy audience.

The spectacular White Swan pas de deux, as well as solos from the Dying Swan and the Grand pas, from Don Quixote will also be danced. Choreography for Bengingazi, is led by renowned South African choreographer Adele Blank, and Directed by Mr Dirk Badenhorst.


For further information contact Dirk Badenhorst on 083 324 0949 or

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